The New World Order as a Satanic Plot

by Prof. Johan Malan, University of the North, South Africa

Satan’s plot against man and his God-given freedom started in the Garden of Eden when, through religious deception, he offered to him an alternative kingdom which was based on lies.

God created man as a biological, intellectual and spiritual being with a free will. As Creator He laid down rules for the personal life, family life and national life of human beings. From the beginning, God’s order for nations was full self-determination and the maintaining of their identity within a constitutional, cultural and religious framework in which His sovereignty is recognised, His laws and precepts are honoured, and the moral and ethical principles of His kingdom are strictly adhered to. This amounts to a theocratic dispensation in which the worship of God and the observance of His rules for humanity should be the highest ideal.

With a view to the execution of these duties God gave authority to family and state heads. As part of man’s responsibilities, God also subjected the natural creation to him that he may subdue it and have dominion over it (Gen. 1:28). All persons and institutions of authority in human society are hereby made accountable to God, who holds the position of supreme authority in His creation. However, from the beginning, man with his free will had the choice to be either obedient to God and serve Him, or to reject His ordering of things and thereby rebel against Him. For his disobedience man would pay a very costly price in forfeiting the favour and blessings of God – thereby causing incalculable damage to himself and his descendants.

People who do not worship and serve their Creator by despising Him and rejecting His laws, have no right of existence on earth…

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