Book Reviews by Roger M Norman

Mr. Steven M Collins has authored and published four books regarding the ten tribes of Israel, which many have thought to have been lost. I highly recommend the books, which are a vast expansion from his original book, The Ten Tribes of Israel – Found.

In book one, The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Mr. Collins reviews the biblical origins of our forefathers and cites Pharaohs and Kings (A Biblical Quest), by David Rohl, 1995, for evidence that our forefathers were indeed in Egypt and departed under hasty conditions. He reviews the unconditional biblical blessings which were bestowed upon our forefathers and how (in book four) we can find the tribes today based upon these blessings He points out that our forefathers were departing and expanding from the promised land of Israel long before the captivities Part of the tribe of Dan was known as the “sea peoples,” even before the time of King Saul, and the Milesians are an interesting group whose sacred banner clearly ties them to the tribes of Israel. He shows that the “Phoenician” empire was actually headed and controlled by Israel as a result of the defeat of the then world superpower, Assyria, by King David and his general, Joab. He cites the Encyclopedia Americana for evidence that the name “Phoenicians” was given by the Greeks to the inhabitants of the coastal region of present day Lebanon, the adjacent shores of Israel, and Syria in the first millennium B C He also cites Dr. Cyrus Gordan who in turn cites the Greek historian Herodotus, “The Phoenicians lived of old, so they say, about the Red Sea, that they came out of there and settled in that part of Syria that is next to the Mediterranean sea. That piece of Syria, in ail as far as Egypt, is called ‘Palestine ‘” Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University, now deceased, agrees that they “came from the Red Sea.” Who does this sound like? Mr. Collins also reviews the origin and activities of the Tautha de Danaans (the tribe of Dan) in Ireland, the Celts, and Iberians -and their Israelite roots Mr. Collins then presents interesting evidence of global travel, enterprise, and colonization by the Israelites, one such evidence being now depleted copper mines in the Great Lakes area of North America which were depleted about 1000 B.C., during the reigns of King Solomon and King David. He discusses “Mystery Hill” in southern New Hampshire and the Los Lunas, New Mexico “Decalogue Stone,” which contains an abbreviation of the Ten Commandments, I have personally visited both of these places, have photographs, and “am convinced.”

In book two, Israel’s lost Empires, . . .

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