Vergifnis is ’n keuse

Gelaai deur admin Bitterheid en onvergewensgesindheid steel by jou... Dit beroof jou van vreugde en lewenslus en strem jou geestelike groei. Dit kan jou lewe en gedagtes oorneem. Het jy geweet onvergewensgesindheid kan jou bloeddruk en jou hart aantas? Bitterheid kan jou ’n aggressiewe mens maak. Buitendien, as jy nie wil vergewe nie, benadeel jy … Continue reading Vergifnis is ’n keuse


Full Hands

Life Less Ordinary

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
Matthew 6:14

This verse is a reminder of the importance of forgiving others, but if we only focus on what God will withhold from us if we do not forgive, we neglect the role our spirit plays in forgiveness. Humility, compassion, and wisdom are necessary in the giving and receiving of forgiveness. The truth that each and every person has sinned and fallen short reminds us that everyone has a substantial debt they cannot pay.

When our spirit is consumed with grudge holding, toxic emotions cripple us. Indignant judgment, poisonous anger, frustration, and bitterness aim to take up permanent residence within. The crushing result is a diminished ability to receive forgiveness. We descend into a tailspin of negative thoughts and emotions. With all our energy focused on the perpetrator, we forget our own debts.

God’s generosity…

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Instrument of Peace

Wag 'n Bietjie

YAHWEH-NISSI – Added lyrics to this song, as sung by the artist. Based on a favorite hymn of mine ‘Lord make me an instrument of praise’ – a prayer to Almighty God. In this version the words have been altered and also the word ‘Lord’ has sadly been omitted. Nevertheless I praise God for gifting Olivia with such an awesome voice!

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The 10 Commandments of Facebook: Things Christians Should Never Do On Social Media

by Amy Green Sometimes it feels like Facebook should come with a warning label: Enter at your own risk. The internet can be a harsh place, and it can be easier to slip into bad habits on social media than in the “real world.” You can’t always see the damage you do, you can react … Continue reading The 10 Commandments of Facebook: Things Christians Should Never Do On Social Media

3 Simple Words that Will Completely Transform How You Fight With Your Spouse

by Laura Rennie Our argument was cut short when my husband saw the time. He grabbed his laptop and coffee mug and didn’t stop to kiss me before leaving for work. We muttered requisite “I love you’s” and I held my tears in until after the door had shut behind him. I sat on the … Continue reading 3 Simple Words that Will Completely Transform How You Fight With Your Spouse

Later May Be Too Late

Preacher01704's Weblog

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2009 Round To It

By Rev Paul N. Papas II
June 27, 2016

“I’ll do it later and when I get around to it”. When I hear this said, I draw a large circle on a piece of paper then write “To It” horizontally in the middle of the circle. Without saying a thing I present the ‘round to it’ to the speaker and ask “Now will you do it?

Someone told me recently that he was planning the 1972 New Years Eve Party

“We like to think that our delay tactics are no big deal. After all, we tell ourselves, no one is really getting hurt by the things we put off. Over time, however, our choices to postpone action can develop into a lifelong pattern of procrastination.

To get on track, we must change our attitude about procrastination, admitting it is a serious problem and noticing where…

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