That Ass, Though

Real as the Streets

So looking at Numbers 22:21.

Here is this highly sought after oracle named Balaam and his donkey, who I’ll call Bridget for story’s sake. She was a female, after all. At least she was according to my Bible version, but you know there are sometimes discrepancies.


One day Balaam was riding on Bridget, blissfully unaware that one of God’s angels came, sword in hand, to end his life. Bridget wasn’t the one opposing God’s will so she had nothing to fear. But still, she saw and avoided the angel to save Balaam’s life.

Keep in mind that Balaam was sitting on her. And making her do all the work while he had his feet kicked up and was enjoying the ride. She saved his life and he beat her. This happened three times.

Three times Balaam’s ass saved… well Balaam’s ass (lol).

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