The 5 Most Important Words about Love and Marriage

by Liz Kanoy

Even though Valentine’s Day is more of a consumer holiday, it does get you thinking about love whether you’re married or single. And if you’re married, you may be reflecting on your wedding vows and how much you’ve grown as a couple—or possibly areas that need growth.

Trevin Wax, writer for The Gospel Coalition and editor of The Gospel Project, has written an article titled “The 5 Weightiest Words of Love” on TGC. He’s got it right when he says today’s weddings seem to be more focused on decorations and expenses than the five most important words spoken between a husband and wife that day:

“Till death do we part.”

Wax comments,

“What the man and woman are saying is: One of us will stand at the grave of the other. In other words: I’m with you until your last breath or you’re with me until mine, whichever comes first.

When couples get married the last thing on their minds is the funeral service for their spouse. Marriage is concerned with both life and death; yet, today couples are much more lax with their view of “till death do we part.” No one really expects to be held accountable to these vows; these vows are more of a formality. Of course, if you are a believer and part of a church your family, friends, or pastor will probably approach you to make sure you are looking at marriage from a biblical perspective. And there are biblical grounds for divorce in the right situation: a non-believer leaves the marriage (1 Cor. 7), adultery has occurred and reconciliation is not possible (Mat. 19).

Not surprisingly, our society “chafes against the ‘vow unto death,’ ….

c o n t i n u e . . .


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