I could hear the sound of a peaceful stream flowing and a brightness began to glow. YHWH then showed me a beautiful and vast field. It was a place where the peaceful waters flowed. Then He turned my attention to a very dark, war torn place. Everything felt cold and looked hopeless. It was very hazy as smoke filled the air from what seemed the result of constant battles. It was a war zone! I then noticed sitting in different areas of this battlefield were wounded warriors of YHWH. The fiery darts of fear and doubt have pierced their hearts. They have been so wounded and the scars upon their hearts run deep.

YHWH wants you to know with full assurance that He is bringing you from the war zone to that place where peaceful waters flow!

I walked through the dark and barren war zone looking at each and every warrior that was sitting along the way. As I walked, I heard the voice of YHWH speak into that place of pain and say, “I AM calling you out from this place of pain, discouragement, and torment. I call you out of that dark place of pain that has caused you to live in a place of limitations. The enemy has placed a dark blanket over you, but I release you from that Spiritual dungeon and prison that has held you captivated.  It is time for many of you to come to the fore-front because I have called you and appointed you for such a time as this. I AM healing and releasing you from that place of shame, guilt, depression, despair, humiliation, downtrodden, and embarrassment. You have journeyed in this place long enough. It is time that you allow me into those areas where you have shut down emotionally and mentally. Let me apply the healing balm upon those scars deep within. The enemy tried to scar you to the point of no return, My Children, but I have another plan that will ultimately defeat this enemy.  Your pain will be used in My hand to bring deliverance and healing to the brokenhearted, discouraged, depressed, downtrodden, and defeated. Is there not a balm in Gilead? I have heard the cries of My people!!!”

“Mark my words and doubt not!!!! I AM not a man that I shall lie. My healing shall flow like a river and many of you shall experience My healing power in the midnight season you shall be awaken and feel My healing power running through you like virtue.I AM wiping away the Spirit of Fear that would try to arrest you in your emotions. I was right there when you suffered that pain and didn’t allow the enemy to destroy you because My hand was on you for divine purpose. For many of you question to this day why AM I still alive, you are alive because I have destiny and purpose for your life. It is time that you take a step of faith and move from the place of being wounded into a place of Kingship authority.You must allow Me to go into that dark place where you are and help you walk out of there. I AM releasing Healing, Restoration, and Recovery. Come now, My wounded warriors, and arise for YHWH your ELOHIM is giving you the victory.”

Wounded warriors, never doubt that YHWH is going to make a way for you. He has your back covered!  Your impossible situation is under His authority. He is applying His healing balm to every wound and scar that you have suffered. You have been in the crosshairs of the enemy for some time, but remember these words from a favorite quote. “It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private suffering that your noblest dreams are born and YHWH’s greatest gifts are given, in compensation for what you have been through.”👑

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