4 Ways God Uses the Disabled

by Lori Hatcher

I remember the first time my young daughter saw a person with a disability.

The little girl was about her age, and instead of running and playing like the other five-year-olds, she moved awkwardly with the aid of clumsy metal crutches. Instead of being straight and strong, her tiny legs were twisted and frail. “I feel sorry for her,” my daughter whispered, her sad eyes meeting mine in a sympathetic glance.

“Her body may look different on the outside,” I told her, “but she’s just like you on the inside. I bet she’d make a great friend.” Emboldened, my daughter sidled over to the newcomer, and within minutes the girls were chattering happily.

Over the years God has blessed us with many friends with disabilities. They challenge, inspire, and teach me. They humble me, too. Here are

c o n t i n u e . .


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