The Prodigal Dollar


God uses people. God did provide. But that little rascal dollar went walkabout. He went to the diner and bought that one burger too many.  And it shows now. Not to mention the shake.

That little prodigal dollar flew ate 30,000′ and went to Las Vegas. There is went to serve Mammon, Ceres and Bacchus.

The prodigal dollar went camping, it went shopping and it basted yet another turkey. Is it not time for that little dollar to repent and return, to take up duty in the Father’s kingdom?

Can you imagine how glad we missionaries will be to see that dollar come home?

Paul wrote ahead of his visits, I understand as much as two years in advance, to allow churches to collect funds so that ministry could be paid for and poorer fellow Christians in other countries could be provided for.  I am going to list a few…

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