Do You Have Confidence In God?

Roy Kirkwood

cf 2

Reference Text: Jeremiah 17:5-10

Brothers and Sisters:

I would like each of you to think back over the years and ponder the great advancements that have taken place. If we were to list them starting with the earliest, what would they be? I imagine that we would list things like electric lights, radio, automobiles, television, airplanes and space travel just to name a few.

As we look back into the past, we can see just how far we have come from the days of horses and buggies to the present where we are sending robots to the surface of the planets. Indeed, we are an intelligent people capable of many great accomplishments. Someone once said that man could do anything he sets his mind to and for the most part this is true. Man has certainly made great strides in the field of technology. But, our sinful nature tends to…

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