A Serpent is Lifted Up

The Life Project

Numbers 21:4-9

In this section, the Israelites are going the long way around Edom, which they will not cross because the Edomites, who are the descendants of Esau, are hostile to them. This is a very harsh desert region that even now, is inhabited by several varieties of venomous snakes. As they people mover through the region, they began to gripe and complain about the conditions; they spoke harshly against both Moses (“type” of Christ) and God Himself. God, hearing their mutinous talk, sent them a plague of snakes that left many with very painful and often fatal wounds. (vv. 4-6)

Before long, the people began to repent of their rebellion and sought out intercession from Moses, who prayed to God for deliverance. God gave Moses an odd instruction: make an image of a snake, attach it to a pole and hold it up for people to see. If they…

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