Why The Message Of ‘180’ Is So Urgent

Originally posted by Ray Comfort | the Comfort Zone


This morning we received the following tragic email via the Heart Changer website. It is a reminder of why the message of 180 remains so very urgent.

“Dear whoever came up with this and whoever is getting this. You just gave me a 180… but not the way you expected. If anything you have almost completely turned me against Christianity all together. I am 16 and pregnant. The father, a man very well known and loved in the church. They find out I’m pregnant with his kid and he’s done. He has a disability that makes it so he cannot handle stress. He is an amazing man and I love him to pieces. But we cannot handle this right now and my belief is that if it is meant to happen it will happen again. !@#$% you guys. I’m deffinately getting an abortion now. God Bless.”

I immediately responded with the following email:

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